Introducing Cardiff’s First Pink Beach Club

A team of young mums are set to transform the Bay Beach into Cardiff’s First Pink Beach Club, featuring two 8ft giant pink flamingos 

Continuing their brilliant work inspiring and helping young people to get into work, next week Pinkspiration are launching a new project called Transforming Spaces: Cardiff’s First Pink Beach Club. The beach club will be located on Cardiff Bay, next to the sand park, and it will be open to the public between 10am and 4pm daily from 22nd August until 24th August. This exciting project is being supported by Igloo Regeneration Fund and Cardiff Council.

The company have assembled a team of young mothers who have been trained how to build the beach club, which they will do in two days, on 20th and 21st August . The club’s grand opening will be on 22nd August and it looks set to be a spectacular event, featuring two giant pink flamingos, a VIP wall and the UK’s first pink Maserati!

Organiser Lisa Marie Brown says“This is the first time we have put event together and the response has been fantastic, the aim is to teach young mums and young people new constructions skills and meet new people. We hope that we can make this event a regular thing and encourage more people to get involved.”

Not only will the Pink Beach Club be a fun event, it will also be a great way of supporting the local community, so why not pop along and enjoy something Cardiff has never seen before. Throughout the week visitors can enjoy live music, from local DJs, rappers and dancers and take part in workshops and creative classes.

For more information on the Pink Transformation of the Cardiff Bay beach head over to the pinkspiration event page