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Good Gym Launches In Cardiff

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Get fit while doing ‘good’  across Cardiff!
Summer is here and most people are looking to use the warmer months, to take to the streets and get fitter by running across the parks and streets of Cardiff . Why not harness all that energy into doing social good to? That’s just what GoodGym are up to.
Launching in Cardiff  today ( Tuesday 23rd May) the Good Gym is the running community that runs around the city doing ‘good’ deeds from hanging curtains , to shovelling a tonne of compost or clearing rubbish from a common area – every GoodGym run is different.
Meeting every week at 6.15pm, in the foyer of the Yr Hen Lyfrgell (The Old Library) in town opposite House of Fraser, the good runners will run to a different task each week.
The first run in the series will be a 4k run to Canton Community Hall where you will be creating a disabled access path to the gardens. This will involve shifting small rocks and gravel and planting flowers before heading back.
More than 320 people have already signed up to the Cardiff group, you can get more information on GoodGym website or follow them on social media.
Twitter – @GGCardiffVale
Facebook – @GGCardiffVale