Hidden bars hark back to the days of prohibition… when swigging back on anything remotely alcoholic was still totally illegal,  but the demand was still so high that establishments were driven underground to service the needs of the thirsty. These days we live in a very different era where your favorite cocktail are available in a can at the local Tesco Metro.

This is set to change as a new breed of watering holes are emerging. One who aspire to maintain the secretive spirit that echos back to this bygone age. Offering high quality cocktails, a secret entrance, an unmarked building, a required password and decor fitting to the prohibition era.

Picture the scene; strolling down a quiet back alley, you spot a doorbell next to some fire doors. You ring it – after all, who can resist a button you’re clearly not supposed to press?

Suddenly, a woman throws open the doors and ushers you in, slamming them shut behind you.

You’re in The Dead Canary, Cardiff’s newest bar, home to the most talented bartenders the city has to offer. With décor influenced and inspired by Welsh industrial heritage, Cardiff hasn’t seen anything like this before.

A reminder of times gone by, the bar is the latest in a list of unique venues opened by Croesy Bars Ltd, owners of 29 Park Place. Jon Saunders, Director of the collection, recruited David ‘Fitz’ Adams and Mark Holmes as the masterminds behind The Dead Canary concept.

Both have a history of working in and managing a variety of bars, and had a very specific idea of what the new venue should look like.

Fitz said: “We wanted to create an escape, somewhere people are made to feel like family and come for the whole experience, not just because they know they can get really good drinks.”

Mark added: “The drinks are incredibly important though, which is why we hand-picked the talent for this bar. They’re a group of ten people who we’ve worked with before, who wanted a challenge and who shared our passion for going that extra mile for our customers.”

Fitz said: “Of course, we want people to be able to just turn up because they’re curious about The Dead Canary, but they need to know they may face a wait.”

The Dead Canary CocktailThe cocktail menu is a carefully curated collection of timeless classics turned on their head through the use of eccentric infusions and exotic ingredients.

However, the drink options aren’t limited to those on the menu.

“We want our customers to challenge us,” explains Mark. “Come in, tell us your favourite ingredient or your favourite song and we’ll make a cocktail unique to you. Who knows, it could even make it on to our next menu. The consumer will very much be a part of our bar, a part of the story.”

The Dead Canary launch weekend starts on Saturday, December 5 and  will play host to live music and open performances from anyone wanting to stand up be heard. They will open to the general public from Thursday 10th, there’s just one catch; it’s seating room only and caters for 80 covers at a time, so we recommended you book in advance..

To make a booking by visiting the website  and getting that all important password.

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