Coffee Barker is getting ready to open a Rum and Fizz bar.

The team behind the popular tea and coffee shop, Coffee Barker, want to launch a Rum and Fizz cocktail bar on Cardiff’s high street.

Scheduled to open this week selling rum, whisky and prosecco.

Coffee Barker are looking to expand their flourishing business once again with the launch of a venue called Barker’s Rum and Fizz.

Astonishingly, rum sales in the UK are beginning to topple those of gin, whether it’s Prohibition-era tipples or a simple but strong Dark and Stormy, everyone seems to love a drop of the dark stuff. It seems Steve and Charlotte Barker are staying a step ahead of the trend and indulging our thirst for rum, whisky and prosecco.

The entrance to the once loved Barker clothes shop has seen many transformations over the years and the latest redevelopment of the Barkers unit is already happening.

Having launched Gin & Juice at the start of the summer 2018 they will now turn their attention to Rum and Fizz.

Rum and fizz will serve an impressive selection of rum, whisky and prosecco and will open form 8am – 1am.  Following on the path of Gin and Juice they will sell nutritious food during the day, and will transform into a top class bar in the evening .

Work has already started on this new rumtastic bar and it is set to open Thursday 25th October.

You can find Run and Fizz on High Street at the entrance of Castle Arcade, connected to Coffee Barker.