Cirque Berserk opens in Cardiff

It’s described as a “Berserkus, not a Circus” and Cirque Berserk is definitely not for the feint-hearted. The West-End show, which comes to Cardiff’s New Theatre from 10 – 15 July, is a ‘best-of’ mix of the most thrilling – and dangerous – circus acts chosen from shows around the world.

Known as the “Berserkers”, the performers don’t use any safety equipment, which delivers maximum hold-your-breath moments, except for one trick which is so unbelievably dangerous that a safety wire must be worn.

The company of 35 brings together the biggest and most diverse range of performers on tour anywhere in the UK. Included are Tumblers from Timbuktu; weapon throwers from Argentina; contortionists from Mongolia; balancers from Columbia; acrobats from Cuba. Plus the big-set-pieces including the infamous Globe of Death, where four motorbikers ride at motorway speeds inside a Mad Max style metal sphere, and a Robo-cop style robot that shoots bursts of fire!

It’s a genuinely breath-taking experience where the skill, precision and surprise leaves audiences open-mouthed as the performances get increasingly berserk.

Designed to thrill and not scare, it’s brilliantly hair-raising family fun with performances at family-friendly times throughout the week, including three shows on Saturday 14 July and two shows on Sunday 15 July.

Cirque Berserk! runs from 10 – 15 July and tickets are available from the Box Office on (029) 2087 8889 and