A Nugget Festival Is Landing In Cardiff

Who doesn’t love the nugs? Well, good news, a  nugget festival is coming to Cardiff in April – a whole festival dedicated wholly to those chunky battered golden nuggets.
The event page promises “the best nuggets in Cardiff” so if you know someone obsessed with these  hand held morsels you need to sign up for pre registered tickets now.
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Although it will be centred around the infamous Chicken Nugget we will also be showcasing a wide variety of food’s all inspired by nuggets.

When It’s On

The Nugget Festival will take place on April 28th in Cardiff – no venue has been announced yet so we will have come back to you when more details are released

The event will feature…

– Live  Entertainment
– A nugget and spoon races and other nugget games
– A wide selection of nuggets – The Classic Chicken Nugget / Nugget Pizzas / Nugget Burgers / Vegan Nuggets / A Wide Variety of different Nuggets