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Cardiff has been revealed as one of the UK’s cheapest date night locations

Cardiff has come out as the second cheapest date night locations in the UK, beating spots such as Belfast, Leeds and Birmingham.

Kingston upon Hull is the cheapest city for a date night in the UK, new data reveals, while London is the most expensive area for a date night.

Research conducted by beauty experts Cosmetify analysed data from Expatistan and Numbeo to find the average cost of a date night for two people. This data was based on the average costs of two cinema tickets, taxi fare for a five-mile journey, dinner at a restaurant for two, one pint of beer and one cocktail.

Kingston upon Hull came in as the most inexpensive city for a couple on a date night, with a total cost of £53.74.  The city’s average cost of a pint of beer comes in at £3.37 ranging to a cocktail for £7.  Two cinema tickets will set a couple back £13, and a restaurant meal for two is £20. Getting home at the end of a night has an average cost of £10.37 for a five-mile journey in a taxi.

Popular Date Night location The Deck

The study found that Cardiff takes second place, with an average total cost of £55.43. Couples could expect to find an average of drinks from £3.47 for a pint of beer to £7 for a cocktail. On average, Cardiff has cheaper cinema tickets for two in comparison to Kingston upon Hull.

Stoke-on-Trent is the third cheapest city in the UK for a date night, totalling an average cost of £58.88. A taxi fare for five miles will cost £10.62, and the bill for dinner for two is around £21.50.

Belfast had an average of the cheapest cinema tickets for two at £10.26. Meanwhile Sheffield takes the top place for the cheapest pint at an average cost of £2.84.

op 5 cheapest cities in the UK for a date night:

  1. Kingston upon Hull – £53.74
  2. Cardiff – £55.43
  3. Stoke-on-Trent – £58.88
  4. Belfast – £61.55
  5. Newcastle – £62.57

Top 5 most expensive cities in the UK for a date night:

  1. London – £103.97
  2. Oxford – £83.96
  3. Edinburgh – £82.73
  4. Camrbidge – £81.03
  5. Brighton – £80.66

Commenting on the findings a spokesperson for Cosmetify said: “After spending so long being unable to enjoy a night out with a partner, people can finally have a date night again. Couples in Kingston upon Hull can enjoy the fact that they are getting good value for money compared to the rest of the UK. Meanwhile Londoners might face more awkward questions about splitting the bill, given how high the cost of a date is in the capital.”

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