Brompton offers free hire for Car Free Day 2023

Brompton Bike Hire offers riders in Cardiff free hire to encourage participation in World Car Free Day

Brompton Bike Hire is offering people in Cardiff the opportunity to hire their compact folding bikes for free from one of their docks in celebration of World Car Free Day. Set up in 2011, the ‘sister company’ of the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturer Brompton has over 80 docks across the UK. 

World Car Free Day is an opportunity for people to go without their vehicles for a day, and a chance to reimagine what streets would be like with less traffic. With recent extreme weather events around the world, the need to tackle climate change is more important than ever. A move towards more journeys taken by cycling or walking is key in order to meet our transport decarbonisation targets. The Government has an ambition for all journeys in towns and cities to be walked or cycled by 2030. 

Hire bikes such as Brompton can play an important role in making high-quality bikes more accessible, offering those who do not have their own the opportunity to try. Car Free Day is a fantastic time to give cycling a go,

Download the Brompton Bike Hire app, sign up and use code ‘WCFD23’ to access your free hire.

Julian Scriven, Managing Director of Brompton Bike Hire said:

‘’World Car Free Day is a perfect chance for us to think about what our towns and cities would look like with less air pollution and traffic. We’re excited to be supporting that by offering people free rides in Cardiff. 

‘’Brompton Bike Hire offers the opportunity to give cycling a go, with many of our riders going on to purchasing a bike. As changes to our climate become more prevalent, it’s important that we all do as much as we can to reduce emissions.’’ 

Download the Brompton Bike Hire app, sign up and use code ‘WCFD23’ to access your free hire.

You can view locations here: