Kebab and curry lovers, pay attention: there’s a new dish in town, and it won’t be here for long! Award-winning bar-and-restaurant, The Botanist, has launched a limited-edition version of its famous hanging kebab and it’s the perfect hybrid between the takeaway favourites. Enter, the Chicken Katsu Curry Hanging Kebab. 


Available for one month only, fans of the iconic dish will be able to sample the Japanese twist on the classic throughout the month of August. After that, the restaurant warns you’ll miss out for good.  


The one-off special involves crispy panko crusted chicken pieces stacked on a sizable skewer with peppers and onions and sprinkled with herbs. Priced at £15.95, it’s served with a pot of fragrant katsu curry sauce to drip down the kebab for serious food porn action and comes with properly seasoned house fries. 


The brand’s trademark hanging kebabs are a cult favourite amongst fans – it sells over 650,000 every year, with three kebabs being served to hungry diners every minute. 


Hanging kebab enthusiasts took to social media to show their support of the new dish yesterday, after the brand posted a Reel of the mouth-watering creation on its Instagram account. Hundreds of comments flooded in with messages such as “Oh WOW. This looks insane.” and “OMG! I need to try it!” Users tagged their friends and family with urgent pleas of “We NEED to go here” and “When are we going?”. 


If the social media response is anything to go by, you’ll need to run, not walk, to The Botanist. The restaurant’s specials menu states the recipe is available ‘while stocks last’. 


Mainstays on the hanging kebab menu include Chicken & Chorizo with Smoked Paprika Oil, Salt & Pepper Pork Belly with Bang Bang Sauce, Lamb Kofta with Harissa Jam and Garlic Oil and a Vegan Meatball with Marinara Sauce. 


The Botanist has launched limited-edition versions of the dish previously, but until now these have been one-offs on key dates. Notably, its hanging pancake kebab on Shrove Tuesday, which went viral across social media channels, causing it to sell out in record time across its venues. 



Guy Greaves, Development Chef at The Botanist said, “The response we get to our signature hanging kebabs is amazing – it’s become something of a cult favourite. There are fans out there returning to us week after week to get their fix.  


“We wanted to mix things up a little and get creative with our hanging kebab menu and katsu curry is a crowd-pleasing flavour. We’re looking forward to seeing how it goes down with our guests.” 


To book your table visit Specials are subject to availability. 



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