Aqua Park Sets Sail on The Bay this Summer

Mask off, wetsuit on: The Aqua park at Cardiff Bay is back!

Triumphantly setting sail due to incredibly popular demand, Wales’ biggest Aqua Park will be back on the Bay this month, so you can jump into summer with a splash. We absolutely loved the Aqua Park when we reviewed it two whole years ago! For obvious reasons 2020 was a bust so we have had to wait until this summer to get back on the water and tackle the assault course again.

Some of favourite parts of the park included the giant slides, floating climbing walls, trampolines and slippery slopes. By the end of the course, it honestly feels like you have completed an incredible workout without having to hit the gym. By far though, our personal favourite part is the giant launch airbag. Where else do you get the chance to send your beloved friends and family flying out across Cardiff Bay? This is worth the price of admission alone!

The park opens on the 26th of June, and in 2019 it was so popular it did not close until Autumn, so there should be plenty of time for you to dig out your trunks and head to the Bay. One of the best things about the park is its location; take your time strolling round from Mermaid Quay, or grab a boat direct to the park.

While it is required that swimmers must be confident and kids must be ages 8 and up, the professionalism of all the staff there and the safety measures in place make it easy to forget all your worries and just go a bit mental on the water. In 2019 we watch grown adults act like toddlers, pushing each other down the slides and giggling the whole way round!

And great news for you if you love the park so much you want to experience it multiple times across the summer months; you can get a season ticket. Its cheaper than a gym membership and by the end of the season you will have guns to rival The Rock for sure!

Book all your sessions in advance on their website to save money on your visit here Trust me this is not an activity you are going to want to miss this year. Nothing is going to offer a more unique way to rediscover your inner child than this!